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Trevor is an Austin based guitarist whose style spans from the country fingerpicking of Chet Atkins to the flamenco stylings of Paco DeLucia. In one set, Trevor will cover numerous genres, spanning a timeline of music written two centuries ago up to contemporary pop. What ties it all together is a funky and percussive groove that can be danced to. Trevor is also a studio musician, mixing engineer, and producer.

Trevor was born and raised in Eugene, Oregon where he began playing the guitar when he was thirteen. Trevor attended The University of Oregon where he studied jazz and studio guitar. After graduating from the U of O, Trevor moved to Austin, Texas in 2013 to further his career as a professional musician. A few musical influences include Chet Atkins, Bireli Lagrane, Jerry Reed, John Scofield, Guthrie Govan, Tomo Fujita and Victor Wooten.


​Nicknames - Tweva, Tonto, T- Nutz, etc. (etc. is actually a nickname)

Favorite State- Not Wyoming

Favorite Basketball Move- Cross dribble, quadruple pump fake pass.

Favorite Professional Oregon Basketball Team - The Portland Trail Blazers

Favorite Animal - Puppy